Thursday, 25 February 2010

Use FIX Analyzer as an alternative to any FIX Dictionary

If you use FIX you are familiar with FIX dictionaries such as FiximateFIXopaedia and Onixs FIX dictionary.
They are useful tools but their navigation style is a pain to use - particularly, if you want several information at once. For instance, what are tags 200, 201, 202 for ?

Have you ever thought that you can use FIX Analyzer to find out this information rapidly.

Just type 8=FIX.4.4|200=1|201=1|202=1 and see the results:

(note: I assign each tag the value of 1 since all I care is to see the tag name resolved)

It gets better when you want to find all of the required fields in a certain type.
Then all you have to type is 35=(your type)

See some examples below:

(note: if you don't specify 8=version, FIX analyzer will default to FIX.4.4)

Hope you enjoy this.
Thanks for reading this.