Thursday, 25 February 2010

Use FIX Analyzer as an alternative to any FIX Dictionary

If you use FIX you are familiar with FIX dictionaries such as FiximateFIXopaedia and Onixs FIX dictionary.
They are useful tools but their navigation style is a pain to use - particularly, if you want several information at once. For instance, what are tags 200, 201, 202 for ?

Have you ever thought that you can use FIX Analyzer to find out this information rapidly.

Just type 8=FIX.4.4|200=1|201=1|202=1 and see the results:

(note: I assign each tag the value of 1 since all I care is to see the tag name resolved)

It gets better when you want to find all of the required fields in a certain type.
Then all you have to type is 35=(your type)

See some examples below:

(note: if you don't specify 8=version, FIX analyzer will default to FIX.4.4)

Hope you enjoy this.
Thanks for reading this.


  1. Hi Marcello,

    I tried using the tools i.e.

    1. FIX Analyzer
    2. FIX Log Analyzer

    These are excellent tools which reduces the effort of analyzing the FIX logs for Tester/production support analyst.


    1.Reset Button for both tools: Have a reset button to clear all the FIX log once the analyzing of FIX logs completes and user can upload a a file again

    2.I tried to analyze large log files containing FIX messages but it gives the result of first 49 messages there after it just gives the structure of FIX message but it does not tells whether it has been pass or fail notification.

    Is there a breakeven point(BEP) for FIX Log Analyzer wherein it stops analyzing the logs after BEP?

    3. It would be good if we have a export report feature once the analyzing of FIX logs completed, the report will have the following fields

    MessageNo|Status of Msg(Pass/Fail)|Error Des
    1 pass
    2 fail Err on BodyLength
    3 pass Err CheckSumExpected 10=41

    the above report will be useful for a tester/production support analyst to go through the report once the FIX log analyzing gets completed and can easily find out which serial no. of FIX message is having the problem.

    Overall the tool is marvelous.
    Harish Kamaley
    FIX Specialist

  2. @exchange:
    We support FIX.4.0 to FIX.4.4. We don't support FIX.5.0. If it's feasible in your case I would suggest to rename the value for tag 8 of your messages to FIX.4.4 so that you can use (to a certain extent) our services.

    @Harish Kamaley.
    Harish, Thanks very much for your nice comments.
    1. It sounds like a good idea and we will look into this. The reset button would have to appear or get enabled only when the report has been populated as we are very keen to keep our user interface as intuitive as possible -especially for first time users.

    2. The 49 messages is a feature. Why ? In order to speed up the processing of large log files we decided to render only the first 49 messages in a very detailed way and then switch to a faster fix parser for the remaining ones. We were just trying to avoid to put too much strain on the browser
    and from our initial testing we observed that most of our users only focus on the first messages.
    We have been probably far too conservative with choosing 49 as a constant and it is likely that already by next week we will have it moved to a much higher values.

    3. In future we might want to give users the ability to customize the output of FIX Log analyzer. We will keep your suggestion as a candidate use case.

    Marcello Renz.