Thursday, 18 March 2010

FIX Message and the SOH delimeter.

FIX Messages look like this: 8=FIX.4.4|9=122|35=8|49=A|56=B|...|10=14|
Tag-value pairings separated from each other by a delimeter character: the ASCII "SOH" 0x01 (see ).

Since the SOH is not an ASCII printable character it's not uncommon to see it replaced in documents and logs with other characters, such as | (pipe), # (hash), or short strings such as   < soh >
And here comes the interesting thing: if the log of your fix application prints the raw fix messages how is Fix Log Analyzer going to display that ?
The answer depends on the browser you are using.
Internet Explorer (both version 7 and version 8) shows a little rectangle.

Firefox shows a little square with 0001 inside. (nice)

Chrome does not show anything (not even an empty space)

Bottom line: Chrome's rendering of FIX messages is the least desirable for FIX web tools. I hope they will fix this soon in later versions.

Thanks for reading this.
M. Renz

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