Monday, 19 April 2010

Advanced Functionalities For FIX Log Analyzer.

In the past days we have added some beta functionality to the FIX Log Analyzer.

For the average user nothing has changed. The GUI remains the same, but under the carpet...

You can now add parameters to the FIX Log Analyzer URL.  Valid parameters are fixOnly, match and skip. match and skip are mutually exclusive and must not be used together.

fixOnly - ensures that only the FIX messages in the log are printed.
match and skip - specify one or more tag=value pairs so to include/exclude FIX messages

Here are some examples:
- Prints only fix messages and nothing else from the log.
- Explodes only ExecutionReport fix messages (35=8),35=A
- Explodes any fix message but heartbeats and logon messages.,35=A&fixOnly
- Prints only fix messages exploding any but heartbeats and logon messages.

Other common usages are filtering out by sender or receiver component 49=...  56= ... or by specific values on a specific message. e.g ?match=35=8,1=RNZ  would match executionReports of a specific account.

For the time being, we have decided against enriching the FIX Log Analyzer page to allow users to fill fields and click radio buttons so to generate the above urls or similar ones.

We like the simplicity of our pages and we don't want to put off any new user with the advanced functionality. So, for now, if you want to use these features you will have to handcraft the url.

There is also another reason. We are not sure if there are other features you would want us to add, so before going much further we would like to hear from our users.

Depending on your feedback, I would expect we can add a few more useful options, improve the existing ones and later on a little gui panel to configure the user's applications.

Thanks for reading this

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