Saturday, 3 April 2010

Comparing a few browsers

Building a high performance Rich Internet Application, such as FIX Log Analyzer, requires a constant attention to every detail of your design.
We have been following the list of the best practices for speeding up your website published by yahoo.

We have made sure that our apps run on every a-graded browsers and now we wonder: how do our apps perform on different browsers ?

We ran a simple test with 3000 execution reports (FIX Messages), copied and pasted from 1,084KB file, on a Windows XP 32 bit machine with 1 GB Ram on different browsers.

Below are the results:
  • 4 mins 20 secs I.E.8
  • 0 mins 40 secs. Chrome 4.1.249
  • 0 mins 48 secs. FireFox 3.5.9
  • 0 mins 56 secs. Opera 10.50
It looks like we should recommend any browser but IE for any serious user of our FIX Log Analyzer.

Thanks for reading this.

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